Computer Aided Life

Gone are the days of having to carry around a paper diary and rubbing out cancelled dates with a trusty eraser. Filofax? Pft! What’s that?! As you may have noticed, we are now living in the revolution of the Digital Generation where everything is delivered, chopped and changed super fast with the aid of digital technology creating a multiplatform of opportunities.

But it seems the need for digital organisation does not only exist in the workplace, homelives are becoming richly involved and independent on technology so much so that it has become naturally integrated into every day life.

Since the rise of the Apple  iPhone and the variety rich Blackberry, it seems that the old paper Staples diary will no longer cut it. Today, consumers and employers are looking for fast fixes, and at the end of the day, you could probably run your whole life with an iPhone – Need to find a Thai restaurant in the City? No problem, download the Yelp app. Want to catch up on the up-to-date news and views globally? Got it in one with the Guardian app! Want a personal trainer at a fraction of the price? Nike have it covered with their app.

It seems wherever you go, you can’t look more than a few metres without seeing some young city slicker tapping away on their iPad in their lunch break, or a student simply chilling out and reading their emails from a Blackberry Curve (perhaps catching up on the lecture they missed due to ‘illness’ that strikes after too many snakebites at the Students Union).

Lets face it, without a technologically aided life, the majority of us would be forced to flail around in the deep end of the pool without a lifeguard in sight.

Imagine credits: Kevin Zollman