Festive Horror To Frighten Film Fans In The US

AN award-winning video production company, The Production Zone, is preparing to fly stateside this summer to scare horror fans in the US, after attracting attention with their scary short-film.

The festive, three minute dialogue-free ‘Silent Night’ was created on a small budget and has received a host of positive comments, as well as more than 2,000 views since its release on social media site YouTube, in December 2011.

The success that ‘Silent Night’ achieved caught the eyes of event organisers in America and the film will be one of only three UK produced videos on display at two prestigious festivals; the Ancient City Convention in Florida, which has been running since 2007, and the Round Con festival in Ohio, which dates back to 1984.  It is anticipated that more than 1,000 anime and sci-fi fans will attend the three-day festival.

David Felber, director and owner of The Production Zone, said: “We are delighted our film is being showcased internationally, enabling horror film lovers all over America to see it.  Short-films have always been a passion of mine and the fact they are now becoming increasingly popular is great.”

With more than 30 years’ experience, The Production Zone has offices in Leeds and London, and works with clients that include University of Leeds, West Yorkshire Police, HSBC and the BBC; where documentaries were shown on Animal Planet.

If you’re feeling brave you can view ‘Silent Night’ by clicking here.

Independent horror movie review site, CinemaSlasher.com, gave the film eight out of 10.  They said: “It was (Silent Night) very atmospheric and had a nice score, which are two of the necessities with dialogue-free films.  Definitely a cool little short worth checking out, though I think it will be much more appreciated closer to the most wonderful time of the year.”

By Richard Wilson.