Top 10 Tips For Writing a Successful Newsletter

Newsletters are a great way to talk to customers. Get it right and your profile will rocket. Get it wrong and your customers could jump ship. In a regular column for Yorkshire Business Network, Barnsley-based PR firm Cream share their top 10 newsletter tips for SME’s.

  1. Three is the magic number. Keep it short. 3 stories of no more than 3 paragraphs. You can always link back to your website for more information.
  2. Grab attention. Focus on headlines to tempt your readers. Lists and bullet points work well.
  3. Make it relevant. Put your best story at the top and keep the industry blurb for the bottom.
  4. Use eye-catching images. We’re drawn to images (just look at the heat-seeking visual).
  5. On message. Make sure your newsletter reflects your firm’s tone and repeats key communication messages.
  6. Be spam aware. Keep your subject title simple, avoid over use of exclamation marks and use free spam checks on mailing systems to ensure your mail gets through.
  7. Be consistent. Try and follow the same layout each issue. Familiarity isn’t a bad thing – we’re more likely to read newsletters we recognise.
  8. Build value. Give your readers something they need. Whether you share tips, original content, in-sight or experience….make every word count and your newsletter will become a valuable communication tool.
  9. Analysis. Use analytics on excellent free tools like Mailchimp. See which links proved popular and build future content around what you find works.
  10. Stay legal. Make sure you include an opt-out and make sure you’ve got permission to contact people. Bought lists (if ever you were tempted) won’t work on newsletter software like Mailchimp.

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