Hottest Seats in town take top billing at Leeds Arena

The Leeds Arena which will be completed in March 2013 is set to be an essential stop-off for all acts on the international touring circuit making the red seats that were installed on July 13 the hottest seats in town.

The operator of the arena SMG which is the largest operator of sports and entertainment venues in Europe such as Manchester Evening News Arena is according to its regional vice president John Knight, “in advances talks with promoters and agents,” of these international acts. He also said that the group will be expecting to name some of these acts in “the opening season.”

The £60 million arena will be capable of hosting 13,500 people, with up to 4,000 being able to stand. Councillor Richard Lewis said that the arena will put Leeds, “on the international music map allowing local people to see some of the world’s finest performers right on their own doorstep.”

Set in the middle of the city, the arena is almost structurally complete and is now moving into a new construction fit-out phase.

By Waithera Junghae.