Energy Brookers Help Yorkshire Firms Cut Energy Costs

Energy brokers Apollo Energy are working with Yorkshire and UK businesses to help them reduce their commercial energy costs – ahead of an expected rise in the cost of annual energy bills.

The advice comes after it was announced that Ofgem look to allocate around £22bn to revolutionise the UK’s energy infrastructure; which would lead to an increase in both domestic and commercial energy bills to recover the cost.

Industry watchdog, Ofgem, is expected to tell National Grid (who is responsible for the infrastructure upgrade) how much they can charge consumers – which will determine the amount energy bills are likely to rise by.  Domestic energy bills could see an increase of up to £15 per annum.

A senior energy consultant at Apollo Energy, responding to the announcement, said: “While the focus is being placed on domestic energy costs, it is important to bear in mind that many UK businesses will be affected by this development, too.

“What is also important to remember is that the increase in the cost of energy bills is directly related to the amount of energy you – or your business – consumes; so it’s very likely that businesses will see much greater rises than £15 per year.

“It is no secret that businesses of all sizes are struggling to cover costs and stay afloat in times of economic hardship, which is why it is crucial for them to secure the very best commercial gas and electricity contracts now – ahead of the expected price hikes.”

As energy brokers, Apollo Energy offer support and provide their clients with the best available options for their business energy contracts. The company has forged strong relationships with commercial and industrial energy suppliers.

Apollo Energy’s gas and electricity contract procurement services offers firms complete peace of mind; allowing them to focus on their core business whilst they focus on securing the most favourable renewal contract available on the market.