Friends Ignite New Business Idea

Five friends have launched their own online advertising business after receiving investment from a Yorkshire-based funding programme, aimed at supporting growth and development in the region.

Dom Hogson, met his business partners, Rahoul Baruah, Caius Durling, Melinda Seckington and Cristiano Betta at ‘hack days’, where participants are challenged to solve problems through coding.

Dom said: “We were given 24 hours to come up with a solution and hack it together.  This would involve us working together as a team for long hours and surviving on pizza at 4am.

“This is when we realised that if we can work well together at ridiculous hours in the morning then we made a good team.”

After sharing his vision to revolutionise online advertising with Graham Davies, a Finance Yorkshire investment manager, the company – EmberAds – received the financial backing required.

“The investment meant we were able to take the idea and run with it full time.  The business is now going really well.  We are based in Leeds and have two employees who work remotely in London,” added Dom.

EmberAds works with more than 1,000 retailers, including household names such as Vodafone, EasyJet and

Graham Davies said: “I was really impressed with the concept for EmberAds.  Dom and his team were obviously experts in the field and I am glad Finance Yorkshire could help to get this unique idea off the ground.”

Davies has since joined the board of EmberAds, with 20:20 chief executive, Martin Boddy, also joining the organisation as a non executive director.

By Richard Wilson.