Bradford Business to Revolutionise UK Lorry driver-for hire industry

A ‘garden shed’ business in Bradford is about to revolutionise the UK lorry driver-for-hire industry with the launch of the first online service that matches drivers to jobs for free.

Tens of thousands of freelance truck drivers are employed on a daily or weekly basis to transport goods around the UK. Until now, drivers have usually had to sign up with – and pay fees to – a recruitment agency to find them work. Or else companies have paid for an agency to find them drivers.

However, Bradford-based Rated Drivers is not a recruitment agency; it is an online portal that links self-employed HGV drivers looking for jobs directly with companies looking for drivers. There is no agency commission, giving the driver more freedom to earn more money, and no “finder’s fees” for employers, allowing them to make large labour cost savings.

Rated Drivers is the brainchild of Richard Oldfield and Terry Bowles, who between them have over 25 years in driver recruitment, including running the UK-wide Drivers Plus company.

Richard Oldfield said: “It’s the first time this approach has been taken and the feedback we’ve been getting tells us this is a service drivers and employers have been wanting for a long time.”

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