The Awesome Live Lounge Music

With the strapline ‘Live Lounge-Dare to be Different’, West Yorkshire based act ‘Live Lounge’ has achieved unprecedented success since its formation.

In 2011, former classically trained violinist Howard Nash faced redundancy from his senior position in the Audit Commission. He decided to pursue a new venture and so began to play the violin again informally at various pubs. He soon met Michaela Glover and Chris Morley and the trio formed the ‘Live Lounge acoustic trio’.

The Live Lounge act offers a unique combination of guitar, violin and vocals. They aim to produce cover versions of songs from the last 40 years, in ways that have not been done before. Stunning vocals blend with sweet violin lines and guitar/vocal backings in order to create a truly different and distinctive sound. The vocal of lead singer Michaela has been likened to Dolores O’ Riordan from the Cranberries by many listeners.

In the last few months of 2011, Live Lounge was regarded as an occasional pub-gigging band. The group began by auditioning in a Leeds Working Men’s club in order to be placed on the books of a ‘club agency’. Unfortunately the audition was not successful. The setback only motivated the members to find the right market for Live Lounge. They aimed to move towards upmarket clients who would recognise musicianship. The decision proved to be the right choice as Live Lounge finished 2011 with 3 gigs in three days in various pubs across Yorkshire. After reflection over Christmas and New Year, Howard realised that it was worth putting some of his business experience and marketing acumen into further developing the group.

At the start of 2012, Live Lounge had set up their website and various social media pages. The trio had also recorded five tracks in a studio in Bradford. The response to the recordings was immediate and positive and the trio’s diary was transformed after being invited to perform at many venues. The trio knew that they had a bright future ahead.

Live Lounge has performed at a number of venues, in order to build up their enviable reputation as a live act suitable for a wide range of venues and occasions. They have played at the Leeds Corporate Business and Hospitality Show and the Bradford Business Forum, as well as numerous wedding venues. The group has also performed at regular upmarket bar gigs across West Yorkshire.

The group has also been particularly successful at developing partnerships with other creative businesses under the name of ‘Art Barter’. They took part in ‘The Perfect Busk’ photo shoot in Leeds recently in exchange for promoting the photographer. This has enabled them to publicise their act and reinforce the image that they have created for Live Lounge. The group has also recently started working with International Party Doctors, which is one of the region’s top party bands. This gives them a great platform to sell premium entertainment packages to customers by working in partnership with IPD.

Live Lounge has a very exciting year ahead with a number of high profile forthcoming engagements. They have signed a nine-date contract with the New Ellington Boutique Hotel in Leeds, which is their most valuable contract to date. The group has also been booked to play at the 10th anniversary celebrations of the Nuffield Hospital in Leeds. Both bookings confirm that Live Lounge can command the most prestigious venues in the area.

Live Lounge has achieved phenomenal success in the space of a few months. Legendary producer Ron Magness who has worked with the Beatles, Rolling Stones and many others was one of Live Lounge’s early listeners. He has been an invaluable mentor and is working hard to secure London gigs and record with the group. The future for Live Lounge looks exciting and promising. “We know exactly where we want to be and how to get there,” said Howard. “Live Lounge is still a new and developing enterprise. We have now established our reputation and market value and we need to keep developing the act.”

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By Stacey McEvoy.