The Yorkshire Business Network is an online community for business owners, entrepreneurs, employees and students within the Yorkshire region.

Originally the Yorkshire Business Network was a group on LinkedIn to encourage networking in Yorkshire, and now has over 2,000 Yorkshire based members. The aim of the website is to create an online community where members contribute article`s based on their knowledge and skills, which not only help promote their services and products, but also educates other business owners around Yorkshire.

We are currently looking for business owners, entrepreneurs, start-ups and professional`s to contribute to the website with informative articles. If you`d like to be involved and build up your profile to over 1,000 Yorkshire based business owners do please contact us.

Richard Barker – Founder

Richard Barker set-up the YBN







Assif (Ash) Majid – Editor

Assif Majid is responsible for all of the online content